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Dean , 1-syllable male name of Latin/Anglo-Saxon origin
Meanings: Of the Valley, Supervisor, Presiding Official
Born in the Year of the Monkey
Element: Earth     Direction: South West.

The Monkey - Asian Zodiac Sign

These pages really suck I know, but no self-respecting home page author could ever leave out his or her personal details page, so here it is..

Who is DeeKnow

I'm an unashamably geeky hippy with a caffeine dependency, I grew up in Ngahinepouri, a small village just outside the city of Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand which is where I currently live. Apparently, my beliefs are most oriented towards those of the "Religious Society of Friends", aka the "Quakers". I'm not so sure.

What's he in to

I lead a relatively active life (relative to a corpse that is) and have an active, but short, attention span and therefore have thousands of interests for which there never seems to be enough time to devote. On the techie front, I'm fascinated by the hypertext thing in general and dabble with various markup languages and web technologies, of which I could list a fantastic array of dodgy acronyms, but I won't bore you with them just at the moment.

Where's he at

I work as a Webmaster whatever that is for a large organisation (> 1500 employees, and there arent too many of those in town :-) here in Hamilton, New Zealand. Despite the best efforts of my Father I still don't own a house and depsite the best efforts of my Mother I'm still not married (although I do have a fantastic, intelligent, beautiful and all-round-good-chick girlfriend).

I do own a few nice cycles too, three powered by my muscular legs and one powered by a small internal combustion engine. I like to call it my 'motorbike'. Clever aye?