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What is a Webmaster ?

This document discusses various definitions of what exactly a Webmaster is, if indeed he/she is anything in particular, and what this person might do in the real world. Contributions will be warmly received and acknowledged   :-)

This document is aimed at someone considering or developing a role as Webmaster, if your an experienced Webmaster, feel free to have a read or maybe provide some feedback, but you may find some of the references more useful.

A Webmaster is a strange beast, and if your considering it as a career diversion, then you may find the following pages a useful introduction to what one does, how to become one, and what skills and tools you'll need to do the job.

A webmaster is not neccessarily a designer, though you may be in a smaller operation, so design related issues are not covered here. A Webmaster is also not neccessarily a System Administrator, although some O/S tuning and performance monitoring topics will be discussed.

So what on earth is a Webmaster...


  1. Master of What?
    • What's with the name, Who do they work with
    • What background is needed and how do you become one
    • Interpersonal, Technical & Management Skills
  2. What does one do?
    • Dealing with Clients, Project management
    • Educating and communicating with Web Authors
    • Managing Security, Content
    • Generating reports, Tuning and Monitoring Servers
    • Programming and Scripting
    • Upskilling and Following technology
  3. What tools do you need?
    • Web log analysis
    • Text/Programmers Editor
    • GUI HTML Editor
    • Scripting Tools
  4. Where can I find out more?
    • Newsgroups, Web Pages and References
    • Software reccomendations and Shareware sites