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I've been mostly experimenting with Zope for a couple of years now but the time has come to do some actual production work using platform.


The Zope parent website describes the platform as...

an open source application server implemented in Python. Zope has an active user community and hundreds of add-on modules (called Products). Out of the box, Zope provides a nice through-the-web administrative interface, database access, page templating, user management, and a persistent transactional object database. Zope is also cross-platform and scalable.

There doesn't appear to be an organised developer community in New Zealand at present so Australia is the next best thing where I've been keeping an eye on the OzZope community. Guess I'll just have to put up with all the Sheep, Cricket (and Rugby) jokes.

I lurk in the #zope IRC channels on FREENODE.NET occasionally (nick DEEKNOW) but haven't spotted many Kiwis there either. I guess I'm just gonna have to invite myself along to one of the user-group meetings next time I'm over in Oz.

New Zealand Zope

Why not register yourself at the site and see if we cant hookup over a beer to talk Zope.

Here are some NZ developers using the Zope platform, products/websites in New Zealand that are running it, or people and articles reviewing it...