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About: Ngahinepouri

Ngahinepouri is a small 'village' 17km outside of Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand

Well OK, 'village' makes Ngahinepouri sound larger than it is, but what else can you call it. The main settlement is comprised of about 30 houses, a School and Church, Krippners Garage is a few kilomoters down the road for some reason, and there are a few hundred people living on Farm properties and lifestyle blocks in the area.

The name Ngahinepouri is Maori of course, and I think translates to something like 'The Women Weep'. Nga Hine = 'the' 'Women', Pouri = Blackness/Sorrow, which is a reference to the local tribe's men folk being massacred in battle in the region, leaving the Women without partners. Sad but true, I think.

There has been a settlement there for over a hundred years (which is pretty old in New Zealand terms), the School had it's Centenary when I was a kid (~ 1975).