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About: Hamilton

Hamilton is a throbbing city of over 100,000 people situated at Latitude -3746'S, Longitude 17518'E, or about an hours drive south of Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand

Why Hamilton?

If you're comfortable wearing Redband gumboots, and black bush-singlets, and Waikato T-Shirts and know how to handle yourself at the helm of a Massey Ferguson, then you'll be right at home in this cow-town. It's slap-bang in the middle of prime dairy-farming country, and is host to the annual Agricultural Fielddays, an excuse for a knee-slapping line-dancing pissup if ever there was one.

Hamilton on the Web

There are a couple of sites on the Web now that offer the usual city info sort of stuff you'd expect to see, restaurant listings, sports and entertainment facilities, business and service directories etc. A couple that are worth a visit are and and of course there's the Hamilton City Council site which is worth a look.