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San Francisco

In July 2002 I was visiting California on business trip and popped up to San Francisco for a visit before flying home. While I was there I spent a couple of days just walking round the city, which is suprisingly easy to do, even for an unfit slob like me..

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Trams in San Francisco One of the many well known features of San Fran is of course the trams. These old buggers are really only used by tourists but its hard to resist a ride on one. Theyre noisy, slow and full of character, just like the dudes driving them.
Another cliche' image of San Fran is the might Golden-gate bridge. I got bus to the bridge and took the walkway up and over it at road level. I asked a woman to get a photo of me and the bridge, unfortunately she cropped the top of the bridge off (must remember to ask a man next time) Standing on Goldengate bridge
Goldengate from the water I took a boat cruise around the bay which included a float undeneath the gg bridge. On the way back a couple of wind-surfers cruised out from the beach and jumped on the wake of the ferry and road it like a pair of dolphins. Was kinda neat to watch.
And the other of the well known sites in town is of course Alcatraz Island. Although this is about as close as you can get unless you book tickets a few days in advance coz of the scum touts who buy up all the advance tickets and hock them off. Still, was cool to be this close. Alcatraz Island
Houses on Russian Hill Here's a shot of some of the great old wooden houses in the city. This is up on Russian Hill (I think) but there were loads of areas with great old places like this, in primo condition. No doubt as expensive as hell.
Here's a view of the bay near downtown. You can see the tall-mast ships in the background in the maritime museum. There were loads of people swimming here too which freaked me out, apparently its the local triathlon club, not sure I'd be taking my chances with the pollution... or the sharks. One of the bays near town

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