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Ski Trip 2004 Turoa - Part 2

Kym and I made another trip to Ruapehu in August this year (2004) and stayed in a rental chalet in Ohakune. The elements were against us but we still head a nice winter break.

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And it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. The next day the mountain was closed, this sign read 'HEAVY SNOW SHOWERS AND STORM EXPECTED'

Mountain closed sign
Our Chalet

The morning after the big snow fall our wee cabin and the rest of the village was covered in a few inches of fresh snow.

The view out the front door of the cabin was wicked with everything caked in snow, smoke starting to billow out chimneys, bugger all movement, still and clear.

View from Cabin
Church in Snow

The mountain road was shut from the heavy snowfall so with no skiing likely we headed out for a morning walk up the street past one of the churches

Of course no holiday would be complete without the sighting, riding on, or mavelling at a train or two. These railcars are converted into accomodation cabins and looked pretty bizarre perched on the hillside covered in snow. Both were 'occupied' by families. I'll be booking one next year without doubt :-)

Railcar Cabins

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