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For the six months leading up to February of 2002 I constantly tormented my friends, family and flatmate (who also qualifies as a friend the lucky devil) about buying myself a motorbike.

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I bought every available bike magazine published in NZ as soon as they appeared on the shelf of whatever shop I happened to be in and spent most of the 6 months drooling over 750cc+ sports bikes until a friend of mine finally hauled me back down to reality.

Dean, you dont actually have a motorbike license do you.

NZ motorcycle license restrictions stipulate you cant ride a bike over 250cc in capacity until you have a full license, which currently takes a minimum of 9 months if you're over the age if 25. Being the honest law-abiding citizen that I am, I figured I'd better do the right thing, get my license and start checking out a few 250's (roughly in that order)

Eventually a friend of mine Dave, spotted one at BikeForce bike shop in Rotorua which we checked out, and a couple of weeks later I was the proud owner of a GPX250...

GPX-250 Make: Kawasaki
: GPX250
Capacity: Very little
Cost: too much for a 250
Condition: Excellent for a '89 model
Notes: Has all the power a beginner needs I reckon. Sits at 100km OK on the open road when sitting upright and seems to handle well. Its comfortable to sit on (I'm 6' tall and about 78kg) Overall, I'm pretty bloody happy with it :-)

After being away on holiday in September I came home to find the cover that had been on my bike had blown off and there'd been some heavy rain in my absence and the bike wouldnt start. After finally getting it running the story only got worse. After re-fitting the tank and filling it up I noticed a petrol leak. Read about the repair job.

Since buying the bike in February I'd thought about very little other than which bike to buy next and in December I finally got my arse into gear and bought a Ducati 600SS.