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A Talk by Barry Brailsford

The following notes are derived from a recording of a talk by New Zealander Barry Brailsford. Just bullet-points of some key points I picked up on, obviously not a verbatim transcription.
Who we Are
 pictureIn the beginning was the nothingness, into the void came the great sound (creation), then came the fires, then came the firmanent (the stone).
 picturewe are all descended/born of that stone
 pictureThe trail is the truth, and the journey is the destination
 picturePatriotism is not enough, need to see a larger world.
 pictureOne world, One family
 pictureWe are human beings, not human doings
 pictureIf you cannot see the other side of an argument, beware of your sight
 pictureyou people are not just your family
 picturesome of us are fire/tree/water/star people but we dont know it. we may be able to find our path back to these people.
 pictureyou know what people you are of if u feel some influence of water/stone/forest/fire when your present in that environment
The Spirit
 picturethe spirit of the water - does more than cleanse dirt, give life
 picturethe spirit of the light - the rainbow
 picturethe spirit of the stone - frequencies in aincient granite
 pictureour ancestors honoured the spirit of all things - then came the seperation
 picturewe are now taught that we simply go and take - we dont ask
 picturewe do this because we have also been taught (by the church) that there is no spirit in stone/water
 picturethe church acted against the pagan ways to increase control and seperated us from the "real world"
What we must do
 picturemust go beyond mine, mine, mine, more, more, more (greed)
 pictureremember who you really are
 picturelook at your job/proffesion
 picturesift through the baggage that we carry
 picturetime to step beyond these things
 picturethe real world is the land/waters/fruits/air, not the bank/corporation/government/taxes/job
 pictureeliminate ego - stands in the way, feeds on fear, causes us to defend and not grow
 pictureBeginning of the end of the cold-war, removal of the berlin wall
 picturetime for the birthing of the white buffalo, one was born in Wisconson, sign that white people will start to follow the tru path
 pictureend of the great period in the mayan calendar
Common prophecy
 pictureend of the age of gurus
 pictureend of the great cycle of mayan calendar
 pictureWhy should enlightenment come only through stress or suffering
 pictureArent these elders explanations simplistic/symbolic explanations generated by a people without a scientific understanding