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British Rail

Last century some time I went on the usual young kiwi 20-something working holiday to the UK. While I was there I worked for BritishRail Network SouthEast (as it was then). Following are some photos of my 'colleagues' at the time.

At the time I left the UK I was the only one at BR who had an email address so I havent really kept in touch. If you work at BR and know any of the following, please send the address of this page on. It'd be great to get some news, or more likely the usual abuse I used to get at Lewisham, from any of you geezers.

Note: Click on any image to see a larger one.  They're all about 800x600 pixels and only fairly small. roughly 80k.

Engineering team at BR arrow Here's the team I worked with at BR for the whole time I was in England. A great bunch of guys... for Engineers. I learned a lot from them, and had plenty of laughs along the way.
(l-r Tom, Tony, Tony, Asad, Me, Ray the Governor and Paul).
As I was most recently working on power station remote control projects in New Zealand, I landed a job at BR in a similar role, turning the old physical push-button control panels like this... arrow Old mimic panel controls
Computer display of control panel arrow into computer based replacements like this. The operators in the control room are no doubt packing on the weight now that they dont have to walk up to the control panel anymore.
Here's Keith and Rob at the controls, about to leap into action to respond to one of the hundreds of emergencies that occur at Lewisham each day..... not ;-) arrow Keith at the controls
Old mimic panel controls arrow It wasnt all hard-work at BR, in fact I'd hardly call it work at all :-). Here's a photo of us heading down the tube escalator on the way out for a few beers one night
(Asad, Colin, Mike and Paul)
Another night, in Croydon this time (I think). I'm not sure what Tony (l) has just told Danny (r) but you can be sure it was something original, like a sheep joke. arrow A night out in Croydon
A night out in Croydon. arrow Not sure what I did to earn this affection from Sheila (great name for a pom) but I think this was my last leaving do before coming home to NZ, so no doubt like everyone else, she was worried BR was gonna collapse without me. Jack thinks it's pretty funny obviously
Here's a rather dapper looking Asad-the-mad, Pakistani, Islam evangelist and all-round good-guy, experimenting a little at a xmas dinner one year. arrow Asad the Mad