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Sony DSCU-20 Camera Specifications

Lookout Ansel Adams - after very little speculation, and even less research, I actioned a typical impulse buy urge and bought myself a digital camera yesterday which arrived at work today.

Sony DSCU-20

I took off and did a lap of the lake beside my office building as soon as it turned up and snapped a few piccies. I didnt read the manual of course as I didn't want to spoil the experience of making mistakes and consuming battery life.

The camera I bought is a Sony CyberShot mini thingy. It literally fits into the palm of my hand, in fact if I close my hand you can hardly see it. This is going to be especially useful when I enter my new career of international espionage and spying.

My main motivation for buying was mainly "because everyone else has one" (just kidding). The specs of the thing are pretty modest, but its the size which is the killer feature for me, should be able to slip it into a pocket, or bike jacket, or glove-box and not be conspicuous.

Following are some specs from various sources. I'll have to leave the reader to determine what they mean as I have no frigging idea...


New Sony DSC-U20 Stocking Stuffer - Smallest Camera Made

Sony takes CyberShot digital photography to the next level with the DSC-U20 digital still camera. Clearer, sharper and more detailed pictures are practically guaranteed with the effective 2.0 Mega Pixels and 1/2.7" Super HAD CCD technology. And to make sure you're ready for every photographic opportunity, camera settings automatically adjust to give you optimum results for each picture perfect moment. Plus, at a light-weight of 87 grams, it's a pleasure to carry and a pleasure to use. Includes everything you need to start capturing your digital memories immediately!