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Ski Trip 2001 - Turoa

Sometime around August of 2001 myself and some cobbers headed down to Mt Rhuapehu in the North Island of New Zealand for a little skiing. We had a couple of days on each side of the moutain

The following pictures are from the days spent at Turoa on the Southern side.  We also spent a couple of days at Whakapapa.

Note: Click on any image to see a larger one.  They're all about 800x600 pixels and only fairly small. roughly 80k.

View of Turoa View though the car windshield on the way up to Turoa from Ohakune.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the crowd size reflected the fact.
 Legendary Austrian ski instructor Deano Borelli poses for a shot Looking down over Turoa ski field  Looking down over Turoa
Kym at Turoa Extreme ski godess Kymbo Pederson the 30th, surveys the terrain bellow her before dropping in on the rad icy slopes she loves.
View looking back down towards Ohakune from the near the snow line on the Turoa side of the mountain View down to Ohakune