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Friday, 8 December 2006

In the 1st week of December and straight after getting back from our honeymoon I was back on a plane and heading over to Melbourne for the 2006 Open-source developers conference, aka OSDC

If your reading about it on this site you probably aren't the sort to be interested in the technical-details but the conference was generally friendly, informative and casual (who cares if its not quite as slick as North American ones when the fees are so reasonable). Attendance seems to have been about 200 or so, there were about 8 non-aussies according to a show-of-hands in a keynote.

A nice touch during the formal opening of the conference was a firm request that no language-bashing occur with some suggestion as to what was bashing as opposed to general ribbing. I'm not sure how much tweaking of presentations this resulted in but the conference generally did have a very positive nature.

The three day conference kicked off on Wed 6th December and was preceded by a day of tutorials which were lightly attended, maybe 10 people in the two tuts I went to. I guess most folks were there for the conference proper. All in all an excellent conference, definitely one to keep in the calendar for next year.

An added bonus was hooking up with an old mate, Dunny. He's a Melbournite that I knocked around with in the UK when a bunch of us were living over there, and it really was just like old times, giving the liver a good thrashing, and propping Dunny up when he got so pissed he couldnt walk any longer. Excellent fun, shame it was such a brief visit.

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