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Two years or so ago now I first heard that a UK s/w house was to produce a PS2 game based around legendary Isle of Man TT motorcycle race. This got all the bikers frothing at the mouth but excitement kinda waned as delays were announced and it started to look like maybe the project would never see the light of day.

The has lord smiled upon motorcycle nerds however when Jester interactive announced early this year that an ACTUAL release was imminent. I couldn't wait a second longer so placed an order with Duke Video and lo an behold about 4-weeks ago my copy arrived air-mail direct from the UK, I quite possibly owned the 1st one in New Zealand.

After about a month of game-play I can categorically state this game totally rocks!!. The bike physics seems as bang-one as you can expect from a console (and way better than Riding Spirits), the bike and scenery renderings are awesome, the sound is better than the Moto GP game (I have all three versions of that), and the gameplay which forces you through challenges that result in you actually learning the track is pretty cool.

If you're into F1 car racers on consoles you may well prefer the Moto GP game, but I'm picking real bike riders will opt for the IOM game without hesitation. Its realistic, challenging, immersive and impressive. Buy it... now!!!

I've started some IOM Walk Through notes if you've actually bought a copy, have a quick read if you can tear yourself away from the Telly.

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