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After unlocking most of the bikes and finally being able to enter the Manx GP and full Isle of Man TT course events I figured I'd start keeping some lap times on the various bikes.

Given that the likes of John Mc Guinness and (kiwi) Bruce Anstey have only recently broken the sub-18 minute barrier on F1 machines the game developers seem to have got things pretty much bang on. Lap times in that region seem to require a suicidal riding technique with no regard for safety, kinda like the way the real riders approch the thing I guess :-)

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Yamaha R1 - lap time: 16:56

Best time I've managed (and 1st sub-17 min lap) has been on a standing start lap aboard the Jason Griffiths' Yamaha R1. Hasn't got the accelleration of the TAS GSXR but it seems to handle a litle better in the game than the other machines in general, and has a better top speed than the CBR (which seems to handle best)

Honda VTR/1000 SP2 - lap time: 17:02

2nd best time so far has been a flying lap on the Ian Lougher VTR/1000 SP2. I've got a soft spot for twins and the sound of the thing is less agitating as you blast your way round the TT course. Doesn't quite have the acceleration of the GSXs and R1s but it just seems more stable round the circuit and I tended to have less fatal crashes on the way round.

Suzuki GSXR/1000 - lap time: 17:10

This TAS Suzuki GSXR/1000 machine should be the quickest, acceleration and top-speed are pretty mean (over 300km on a few sections) but the major problem timing wise is keeping the front wheel on the bloody ground. No doubt it'll eventually lap quicker than the twins, but I'm having to take back off on a few corners and take it too easy leaving them

Ducati 998 - lap time: 17:18

Next best was on the team Moster-Mob Ducati 998, like the Honda SP2 the Duke just seems to handle the bumps well and you can stay on the gas and get on it a little earlier than on the GSXR and R1 4-cyl machines. This lap even included a minor low-side off so I guess there's an easy 10-secs to claw of the time still.

Kawasaki ZX6R - lap time: 17:54

The best time I've managed on the Junior machines has been on the Ryan Farquhar ZX6R, performance is way better than the stock 600 Kwaka in the game and is a delight to pilot round the course. I can see why the likes of Shaun Harris go on about the suitability of the 600's on the TT route, in the game they definately seem loads more manageable than the 1000's, you spend more time on the tarmac and less in the air over the bumpy sections.

Kawasaki ZX7R - lap time: 17:54

Seeing as I own a 96 model ZX 7 R one of the first full runs I did was on an old but trusty Ninja. Although its a little lardier than the other 750's (GSX and RVF) it turns out the Kwaka puts on a reasonable turn of top-speed so is probably just as quick round the course in the game. I shaved 4secs of my last best on the ZX7 on one of the flying laps on a Senior-TT race

Kawasaki ZXR400 - lap time: 19:36

This lap time is actually pretty close to real recent lap times in the lightweight class of the big event itself, so clearly there's room for improvement for me on the PS2. There's always a guy on my tail riding an RVF/400 so maybe I'll just have to take one for a spin. The 400's are fun on the TT course, but the 600's are better.

Honda RS250 - lap time: 18:54

This is an unrealistically quick time really, even the likes of Chris Palmer dont get break the 20min barrier on the 250's, and this lap even included two minor offs, albeit with some follow-up lunacy to try and make up.

Yamaha TZ125 - lap time: 20:50

It really is fun rocking around the full circuit on the 125's. Definately not quite as exciting goin up and over the hill, and some of those straights seemed to go on forever, but you can literally cane it round nearly every corner without really having to back off just rolling from one side to the other. Great sport.

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