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replace frontpage with a wiki index page, dump cronological stuff, but store each wiki's create date permanently so can browse by date if you want, the date is embarrasing when post-rate declines :-)

add webnote to site, static pages at least

new bike options

VTR/1000 SP2

Honda VTR/SP2

the white colour-scheme is a little "cheery" but there are a heap of improvements over the original SP1 so considering how closely priced they are why wouldn't you get the latter model.

Kawasaki ZX636

Kawasaki ZX636

Notes: I took a 2004 model Kwaka 636 out from Hamilton motorbikes in 2005 and thought it was great, and had a sit on the 2006 model in the shop, poked and prodded it, was amazed at the weight and rolling resistance difference compared to my lardy ZX7R but didn't by either machine. For 2007 however I'm more hopeful, the new machine has had a capacity reduction and loads of engineering changes. If I buy a 600cc inline four then this would be the one. In Lime green of course

Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki Z1000

Notes: I've got the hankering for a naked bike, we all have to own one at some point dont we?


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