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Motocourse is a fantastic annual publication released each year by various publishers covering the leadup, technology, personalities and results of the work motorcycle grand-prix circus, aka Moto GP.

The 1st edition was published in 1976 and copies for the first 3 years go for some pretty crazy money on ebay and the like, but you can pick up those from the 80's onwards without getting a second mortgage on the house.

Copies I own now...

1977 Trademe $300
1978 Trademe $284
1979 Trademe $250
1980 (can't recall where I bought this)
1981 ebay
1982 Trademe $45
1983 Trademe $45
1984 Trademe $30
1986 techbooks $50
1987 Trademe $45
1988 h2find $45
1989 Trademe $40
1990 Kauri $50
1991 Trademe $60
1992 Trademe $53
1993 Trademe $70
1994 Trademe $58
1995 Trademe (cant recall price)
1996 Trademe $55
1997 Half Price Books Kansas $45us
1998 Trademe $58
1999 TE Warth $65 +pp usa
2000 TE Warth $65 +pp usa
2002 Amazon $35us
2003 Trademe $26
2004 Half Price Books Kansas $20us
2006 Amazon $25 +pp usa
2007 Amazon $35us
2009 Trademe $30
2010 Trademe $25 (ex library)
2011 Trademe $25 (ex library)
2012 Trademe $39

The Shopping List

I'm after copies of an 1976, isn't everyone though, so let me know if you spot one anywhere, or better yet, buy it for me for xmas :-)

Specialist motorsport bookstores:

NZ bookstores

I've ordered books from a few of the NZ based online stores following:

BOOK.MARK Parkway Arcade, 46-54 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna Auckland

+649 4897282, E-mail:

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MotoGP History

If there's a racer from years gone by that you fancy reading up on then take a squiz at this one-line-per-year roundup to see which copies of Motocourse you might wanna watch out for. I originally planned to buy just one copy per season winner (many victors won for multiple seasons) but this quickly got out of hand...

1980 - Roberts wins 3rd time, Mamola 2nd after taking Sheenes Suzuki spot, Crosby debuts @ 8th
1981 - Marco Lucchinelli wins, Mamola 2nd, Sheene wins last race of career and finishes 4th, Spencer Debuts, Graeme Crosby's 5th in 2nd season w Suzuki
1982 - Franco Uncini wins, Crosby 2nd
1983 - Spencer just beats Roberts, taking Hondas 1st win
1984 - Eddie Lawson on a Yamaha takes his 1st win, Mamola 2nd on Honda, Spencer struggles on the new V4
1985 - Spencer takes back championship (also winds 250cc) from Lawson, Wayne Gardner show promise
1986 - Eddie Lawson wins again, Gardner finishes 2nd after Spencer has troubles, Mamola 3rd after switch to KR Yamaha
1987 - Gardner wins, 1st Australian to do so, Mamola 2nd, Lawson 3rd
1988 - Eddie Lawson recaptures championship from Wayne Gardner, Rayney and Schantz debut
1989 - Eddie Lawson wins after switching from Yamaha to Honda, Gardner breaks leg, Doohans bebut
1990 - beginning of the Rainey era, V4 two-strokes
1991 - Rainey (wins) and Schwantz battle, Mick Doohan developing
1992 - Rainey wins 3rd championship, lots of injuries (including Doohan)
1993 - Kevin Schwantz wins, Career ending crash for Rainey
1994-1998 - Mick Doohan dominates
1998 - Doohan wins, Simon Crafar wins @ Donnington
1999 - Criville wins, Simon Crafar competes
2000 - Kenny Roberts Jr wins
2001-2005 - Rossi era
2006 - Nicky Hayden
2007 - Aussie Casey Stoner dominates for Ducati

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