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This is a copy of an email sent to cobbers about some potential multi-player games we were looking at...

Right-o dudes, I'm keen on this multi-player thing, but I'd be keen on a game that's not as fun single-player so I'm not tempted to waste the rest of my life playing it, for this reason I like the idea of a 1st-person shooter rather than a big-scale-I-am-God-Empire sorta game (you know the sort Woodcock :-). Plus I'd have to vote No to the RPG kinda thing (e.g. Balders Gate, Final Fantasy, sort stuff)

Plus (have just been pestering some geeks here at work who play these things) we need to make sure the multi supports 'bots' , ie computer-controlled cannon-fodder we can massacre (or be massacred by). Some multi's require that all participants are human. 3 of us playing a non-bot game like that would be stink (ie 1 player vs 2) unless we were online playing in a team at some gaming hub (which would also be cool)

Also, we can pretty much forget about worrying about level designers, you know how we used to create levels for games like Doom etc, model your own house or something. These days its so friggin complicated to build a level that looks OK that its not worthwhile.

Sorry if this stuff is old hat to you guys, but I've been out of the PC gaming loop for so long I just had to find out.


[Unreal Tournament 2004]

Having said all the intro bullshit, every comment I've read online, and every person I talk to at work says... UT2004.. UT2004.. UT2004.. UT2004.. Apart from the obvious coolness features the Live voice chat over LAN and internet with 3D audio (on supported sound cards) sounds a killer. DOWNERS: Needs a top end machine to get the best out of it; level load times are extensive; huge install - make sure you have loads of hard disk space.


[Battlefield: Vietnam]

I like the look of this, jungle setting, sounds quite engaging and intense, follow-up to Battlefield 1942, can fire from vehicles (including choppers I think), seems like it supports 'bot' opposition, ie us against the gooks.

DEEKNOW VOTES: Maybe, kinda different, meant to be really good online, or multiplayer, average solo play reviews

[Counter-Strike:Condition Zero]

"It's such a technically unimpressive title that relies so heavily on established gameplay mechanics we've all been enjoying for years (without adding anything substantially new) it almost feels like a blatant rip-off"

DEEKNOW VOTES: Maybe!!! it is very popular online

[Far Cry]

Looks amazing, exploits DirectX9New Page, single-player mode getting great reviews, but biggest fault is apparently its multiplayer mode which is a bummer.


[Shell Shock]

presentation looks pretty impressive .. but "tells the loose tale of one soldier (hence the reason for no multiplayer, we suppose)"

DEEKNOW VOTES: no multiplayer, no go

[City of Heroes]

"the online world that's home to an entire universe of heroes. you and thousands of other players take on the roles of super powered heroes - in a stunning, 3D graphical world."

DEEKNOW VOTES: future possibility, only new, sounds a bit gay, but would be fun


"amazingly detailed vehicles, weapons, and special effects... full single-player plus nerve-shattering multiplayer battles.. Variety of vehicles, battle across space, through the atmosphere and directly on Earth"

DEEKNOW VOTES: looks UT2004-ish, find out more?


DEEKNOW VOTES: Its Micro$oft.... Just Say No!!!

Jesus I'm a negative bugger... What have we missed apart from these, there's so many friggin games out there..

Not released yet, but look good...

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