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I studied electonics and computer technology after leaving school and a small portion of the syllabus focused on radio waves and EMF. Recently I've been looking at a house to buy that sits near a Telecom radion repeater site and thought I'd keep some useful links to sites that discuss the health threats, documented and rumoured, posed by such structures to near-by residences.

Dr Neil Cherry

Held the position of Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Electromagnetic Radiation Health Threat

In an interview with Dr Neil Cherry about his work in this area he discussed some of his research and the evidence for his concern, and challenged us and our local bodies to take responsibility for our health and reduce the threats coming from electromagnetic radiation.

What Is Electromagnetic Radiation

We are in the midst of potentially the most pervasive and important environmental struggle of the new millennium, the struggle to understand the effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Good Health Info Net

radiation is having a demonstrably harmful effect on our health. Below are some measures we can take to protect ourselves.

Radio Frequency Fields And Users

This resource explains the technical, health and planning issues for the use of technology that emits radio frequency radiation in the City

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