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Like the World Superbikes competition, the British counterpart is comprised of what are effectively slightly modified production street bikes. For the last 5 years the series has been dominated by the Ducati twins but the regulations were altered in 2002 to allow 4-cyl machines larger than 750cc. 2004 has been a more even competition with podium places going to nearly all manufacturers during the year.

One of the better known Kawasaki riding entries in BSB is Hawk Kawasaki who contested the privateers section in 2001 racing ZX7RRs. The team was backed by Kawasaki UK for 2002 entering three riders, and continued racing the 750's against a growing number of litre class machines for 2003. In 2004 the team switced to the all new ZX10 machine and lineup incudes Scott Smart and Glen Richards. Smart was consistantly better placed of the two during the season and took a couple of wins and a number of podiums to narrowly miss out on 3rd overall at the end of the year.

The most successful ZX7R pilot in the BSB has been Chris Walker who finished 2nd overall in both the 1998 and 1999 seasons. And John Reynolds won the 750cc Supercup/F1 championship in 1992 as it was known then on a ZXR750R

Past BSB Champions

2004John Reynolds ENGSuzuki
2003Shane Byrne ENGDucati
2002Steve Hislop SCODucati
2001John Reynolds ENGDucati
2000Neil Hodgson ENGDucati
1999Troy Bayliss AUSDucati
1998Niall Mackenzie SCOYamaha
1997Niall Mackenzie SCOYamaha
1996Niall Mackenzie SCOYamaha
1995Steve Hislop SCODucati
1994Ian Simpson SCONorton
1993Jamie Whitham ENGYamaha
1992John Reynolds ENGKawasaki
1991Rob Mc Elnea ENGYamaha
1990Terry Rymer ENGYamaha
1989Brian Morrison SCOHonda
1988Darren Dixon GBR Suzuki


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