Ski Trip 2002 - Turoa

In the 2nd week of August this year, Kym and I headed down to our local volcano for a weeks skiing. A couple of days were dodgy so on one of them we took to the car and drove around Mt Rhuapehu for the day.

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Desert Rd NZ doesn't really have any desert in the Arizona sense, but this is a shot of a place we call Desert Road. Its an alpine desert of sorts that passes one side of Mt Rhuapehu.
One of the local hazards is the fact that the Desert Rd area is a training ground for our national army. These are tank tracks bashing their way accross the wilderness. Tank Tracks across the desert
Te Porere redoubt On the northern face of the mountain are a number of areas were the Maori built fortifications during their battle with the British. This is Te Porere where Te Kooti and his followers fought the last battle of the NZ wars.
Back in Turoa now, here's a shot of some of the cottages near the railway line still covered in snow. Turoa houses under snow

See Also: Photos from This Year and some from the trip Last Year

BTW - in case you were wondering why there are no actual photos of us skiing, that's because we were having so much fun we just plain forgot to take them. I know, I know, what E-Jits, but we really did ski... honest !! ;-)